Extractions and Socket Preservation

Unfortunately, some teeth cannot be saved due to decay, root fractures, failed root canals, or advanced periodontal disease. In the instance when the tooth needs to be replaced with a dental implant or is a highly visible tooth; it is important to preserve and often rebuild the lost bone support. Without a healthy amount of bone in the jaw, it can be hard (and sometimes impossible) to successfully replace the tooth with a dental implant. If the tooth is to be replaced with a bridge or false tooth, bone will shrink over time which can cause other dental health issues and even alter the shape of your face.

Dr. Bjornson and her staff preserve the bone by gently removing the tooth and then filling the socket with bone graft material and human growth factors. The growth factors come from the patient’s own blood collected in the office so there is no need go elsewhere. The staff process this blood to extract the platelets, which then stimulate bone production and rapid healing.


Dental ImplantsMt. Pleasant dental implants

Dental implants are dentistry’s answer to replacing natural teeth for function, health and aesthetics. Dental implants and the tooth replacements placed on the implants allow the patient to feel confident with their smile, chew naturally, and maintain the bone support of their jaws. The dental implants are made of the biocompatible material, titanium, most often used in joint replacements. The prosthetic crown, bridge, or denture is attached to the implant. Dr. Bjornson can evaluate your situation and recommend a design for your needs.

Dental Implants are predictable and highly successful replacements for natural teeth. In some instances, the implant can be placed at the same time as the tooth is removed. In other cases, some procedures are needed prior to implant placement to ensure good bone support for the long term success of the implant.

Implants are often placed with conscious sedation for a relaxing experience. The implant crown or restoration is placed after the implant fuses with the patient’s jaw bone during a process called “osseointegration”. This process typically takes 3-6 months.   The crown, bridge, or denture is then made and placed by the patient’s general dentist.


Conscious Sedation

Dr. Bjornson offers conscious sedation for the patient’s comfort in surgical procedures. Conscious sedation differs from general anesthesia in that the patient retains the ability to breathe on their own and respond. It is a safe procedure for in-office procedures and offers the patient the chance to rest comfortably and often erases the memory of the surgery.

Intravenous sedation can be customized to the patient’s level of comfort. An escort is needed for the patient following this sedation. This is often called “twilight sedation”. Dr. Bjornson is trained and certified in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support and has performed safe sedation procedures for over twenty years.